Susan Rainbird

My Principles

First do no harm

Create a physically and psychologically safe and secure
environment for horses and handlers that promotes learning and empathy

Appreciate the innate personality and character of the horse
and interact with them with this knowledge.

Treat each horse as an individual

Agree that animals feel emotion, to dismiss the idea that
they are capable of having emotions would be to accept that we have no ethical or
moral obligation to treat them kindly or fairly

At all times respect the horse as a separate species and continually

strive to educate and increase awareness of

natural horse behaviour and herd dynamics in the domestic situation

My Philosophy

Observing and studying horses demonstrating their natural behaviours within

a herd environment has enabled me to develop a method of training that
incorporates the same practices and education they use with each other.

I have proven that learning how they use body language to communicate

is essential to developing a willing relationship with horses that is based on mutual trust
and respect, and believe that this is fundamental to any method of horse training.

I do not think we need to look any further than the horse in front of us to acquire
the knowledge and skills that will enable us to communicate with them in a way
they understand.

I believe that good, clear communication with horses is attainable to any
person if they take the time to educate themselves in horse perception and
natural behaviour.

I do not think that anyone should attempt to apply a method of training to horses until they
 themselves have first endeavored to understand how horses think, communicate and learn.

I am fully committed to promoting a training method that inspires and provokes
change, motivates, encourages, challenges assumptions, and above all works with
the horses’ natural instincts and innate characteristics rather than against them.

Susan Rainbird

       Harmony Between Nature & Nurture