Susan Rainbird

A Selection of Testimonials

"Susan is very good at reading the horse and seeing the small things that are important to horses, and she can explain why such and such is happening and often a very small change in the way of handling the horse can make a world of difference. Susan’s approach provides the building blocks of a good foundation for the relationship with your horse in which the horse accepts your leadership and from that, your ideas. It works!"

Sheila Cosmo, France


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“The moment I met Susan and her lovely bay boys I could see that she had a deep understanding of horses. How they think and behave with each other and us was so very obviously her passion that it became immediately clear to me that this person was going to help me get over a long suffered fear of horses. I didn’t realize at the time how sharing her knowledge with me would change my life for the better......."

Laura Nicholson, France

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"I’ve had the pleasure of attending several of the Herd Dynamic talks given by Susan. They give a fascinating insight into how horses behave and interact with each other in the herd situation. The way she talks about horses is refreshing as she seems to look at things totally from the horses point of view, which in this day and age is rare, and in turn helps us the owners to have a better knowledge of how to behave when we are with them. She has given me lots of new ideas of how to just ‘be’ with my horses,to overcome certain difficulties and to have overall better communication with them."

Di Clayton, France

"Susan is a very special person. Not only is she an expert in the people-skills department,  but she also has a true horse-whisperer gift.

Everyone should have a Susan Rainbird in their lives!! Thank you Susan xx”
Emma Stambach, Canada

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"There is so much I feel I have taken away from the course, as I now feel a lot more confident around horses.......".  - Ellie Duriez, UK

"Susan is very inspiring and a warm and friendly person, and her knowledge is invaluable to anyone involved with horses. She has a love and respect, and a deep understanding and compassion for them. I would highly recommend this course" 

Angela Duriez, UK 

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“Susan Rainbird has been a terrific source of advice on both horsemanship & horsecare topics, for a good many years. She always comes forth with well-researched, in-depth solutions to the many questions & concerns I have had"

Rochelle Gregory, Ireland


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“I enjoy your talks very much Susan. The subject is fascinating and complex and the more I learn, the more I know how much more there is to learn. Looking forward to more talks!”

“Susan, thanks for another brilliant talk on herd dynamics today, I feel that I could sit and listen to your experiences and observations for hours."

Charente Horse Group, France


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"To me the most interesting part of Susan’s work is that it shows how such relatively small changes in the way we handle our horses on the ground can make such huge changes in our relationships and the way they see us, leading on to great advances in the ridden partnership – Observation is the key and that is where Susan really does have the skill and experience to see what is happening and where changes could be made."


Jennie Free, France

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